The Geolink Orienteer MWD system was introduced to the industry in the early 1990's as a directional only MWD system.

The basic system has grown and matured to offer probably the widest range of options from a single platform of any MWD manufacturer in the independent sector of the industry.

The simplicity of the system means that the investment in maintenance facilities and technician costs is low.

Core elements of the system can be used from 9 ½" OD down to 2 ⅞" OD BHA sizes.

Negative Pulse Transmission
The reputation of the Geolink Brand was built largely on the simplicity and reliability of this transmitter. The fixed mount transmitter has few moving parts and is particularly reliable in high flow conditions experienced in surface-hole environments. The system has been field proven globally in severe drilling environments where other systems have proven less reliable.

Positive Pulse Transmission
The top mounted Positive Pulser is run with the standard Geolink surface and downhole tool string. This is currently offered as a fixed mount system. A retrievable system option is planned for the future.

Electro Magnetic Transmission
The EM upgrade option allows Geolink users to easily upgrade their assets to provide a wider range of directional services including access to the under balanced drilling market.

The E-Link provides selectable operating frequencies to ensure maximum signal efficiency.

The E-Link signal is detected and decoded at surface by specialised equipment and software.

E-Link transmits data to surface at selectable frequencies which are considerably faster than mud pulse telemetry.