Geolink LWD packages are modular bolt on upgrades to the basic MWD system and in most cases are capable of being run as standalone packages in a memory mode.

Gamma Ray
The Orienteer Gamma Ray Logging system consists of simple upgrade modules for both the downhole and surface systems. The downhole gamma tool is attached to the standard directional tool string below the Survey Electronic Assembly.

CPR - Compact Propagation Wave Resistivity - Multiple Depth Measurements
The CPR tool uses propagation wave technology over three spacing's and two frequencies to offer up to twelve curves of compensated or uncompensated data according to client requirements.

The tool uses a unique transmitter receiver configuration to keep the tool length much shorter than conventional propagation wave tools – with borehole compensation achieved using the properties of EM reciprocity.

TRIM Induction Resistivity Tool – Single Depth Measurement
TRIM provides wireline comparable induction resistivity measurements from its unique side mounted coil arrangement.

The 20 kHz frequency is directly comparable to a deep reading wireline induction tool measurement.

Guardian (PDD) - Pressure During Drilling
The Guardian (PDD) expansion option is easily added to the Geolink MWD tool string (Mud pulse or EM) to offer drill pipe and annulus pressure measurements during drilling operations.