Customer Training Support and Equipment Maintenance

Geolink provide a comprehensive training service from the time that a new customer makes the decision to purchase and throughout the lifetime of the equipment. Training usually starts prior to the delivery of the first batch of equipment. Theoretical and practical instruction is provided to customer's technicians and engineers.

Each Orienteer system is supplied with a complete set of instruction manuals which supplement the comprehensive training provided. The manuals are laid out in a clear, easy to understand style that takes the user through each check or process stage by stage. By following the procedures in the manuals, the Orienteer user can be certain that the process is being carried out in a consistent and reliable manner in order to achieve and maintain maximum system performance.

Workshop Equipment
The workshop tool kit provides all of the necessary equipment and spares for the customer to carry out routine testing and maintenance which includes:

Workshop Facility
A feature of the Orienteer system is that it does not require large and sophisticated repair and maintenance facilities. This ensures that the system maintenance is relatively low cost and especially suited to working in remote areas.